Guide To The Best Cafes In Herm

As far as cafés go, I am quite the connoisseur. And if you ask me there is nothing quite like the cafe, beach combo. Sitting out and wiggling your toes in the sand as you sit looking out onto the crashing waves in the (not so far) distance.

Luckily Herm is a great island for beach cafés. When choosing the best one, you want the beach and the cafe to be the perfect match. Stunning views and a comforting and delicious menu.

I loved Belvoir Bay Cafe. You tucked in against the lush, green cliffs of Herm looking down at the secluded beach below. It was sheltered from the wind and offered stunning views of the island. I was in love.

Although Shell Beach Cafe makes it hard to choose a favourite. Located on the island’s most popular beach this cosy beach cafe is the perfect option. Clear and inviting waters, loads of space on the beach to set up camp and spend the day relaxing.

Now for the good part. Whatever cafe you go for make sure you try a scoop or two of the local Guernsey ice cream.

Trust me when I say, it has a flavour, unlike your regular ice cream. It’s made with milk and cream from local cows right on the island. It had such a rich and sweet flavour I found it hard not to go for second. Picture the perfect treat as you stroll along the beach. You can never go wrong with a bit of ice cream.

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