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About Me

Hi! I’m Nicole 🙂

For the past 10+ years I have been working remotely with (tech) companies around the world and remote work were my ‘thing long before it became a thing.’

I live on a small island in the Channel Islands and do not have to stray far to find things to do, as the island provides some fantastic views towards the coastline of France and Guernsey.

Through interviewing people across the islands and exploring these gems myself, I have been able to uncover some truly beautiful spots that many people may not know about. From quaint cafes to breathtaking hiking trails, I have showcased the best that the Channel Islands have to offer in less than 750 words.

My goal with this blog is to not only highlight the natural beauty of these islands but also to provide a platform for people to share their unique perspectives and insights.

I am excited to continue sharing the stories of the Channel Islands and connecting with our local communities and visitors alike through this blog.

Nicole Le Maire