15 fun facts about Guernsey

Drumroll, please. Get ready for a fun list of facts about Guernsey. There is something particularly special about jotting down a series of facts that not many know. When it comes to these magical islands trust us – there is more than meets the eye.

1. It has been the creative inspiration for many. Does Victor Hugo ring a bell?

This lovely island was the permanent residence of the great French author. On this same island, he wrote the acclaimed classic Les Misérables. So, if he was able to find inspiration here, you’re bound to as well.

2. Home of the highest tides in Europe

Measuring up to 33 feet, the tidal waves in Guernsey are the highest in Europe!

3. Home to one of the oldest post boxes in Britain

Hard not to miss it, as it is the only red postal box on the island!

4. Guernsey has its regional variety of French!

It’s called Guernésiais. Although the official language is English.

5. France is a stone’s throw away!

Just 43 kilometres – closer than Britain.

6. Rich in folklore and mystical legends

From fairies to pirates, this island is home to all sorts of legends and myths.

7. Look out for witches’ seats!

Continuing the theme of myths and legends keep an eye out for the odd slab of granite that sticks out of some of Guernsey’s houses. They are said to be ‘seats’ made by the locals to appease the roaming witches.

8. Where wishes come true

It’s not a wishing well, or a special fountain but a mysterious ring carved into the island’s western extremity. Legend has it, if you walk around the circle and make a wish it will come true!

9. Considered a Crown Dependency…

…but has its own parliament.

10. Lovely Guernsey cows

Make sure to catch a glimpse of the roaming herd of Guernsey cows. Thanks to these lovely animals we can enjoy all sorts of creamy delicacies. From ice cream to a huge range of cheese, the possibilities are endless!

11. It used to be part of mainland Europe

So it wasn’t always an island. Now, thanks to the rising sea levels it has been separated from France for a little over 8,000 years!

12. Has its very own special flag

Keep an eye out for Guernsey’s flag, and maybe even consider bringing a mug or a magnet to remember this lovely island.

13. It has only 78 square kilometres

Is that big or small for an island? I guess it depends on who you’re asking.

14. First underwater arrest!

What? Yes, you read that right. Guernsey is the first place in the world where a scuba diving police officer made an official arrest. Sounds like part of a blockbuster action film, but it’s true, and it happened on this island.

15. Strong winds

Make sure to check the weather report, it tends to be anywhere from 6 to 20 C. Although because it is closer to France than it is Britain the weather tends to be a lot calmer. Make sure to plan!

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