The Channel Islands Trivia Game

The British Channel Islands offer an abundance of historical perspectives, geographical wonders, and cultural charms. Whether you’re a Jersey genius, a Guernsey guru, or a visitor from across the globe, we have plenty of trivia to share about the beautiful hidden gems of the Channel Islands.

Nestled in the embrace of the English Channel, these idyllic islands hold secrets as intricate as their breathtaking landscapes. From the sandy shores that whisper tales of pirates to the cobblestone streets that echo with centuries-old stories, each corner is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. So, fasten your mental seatbelts, and let’s embark on an adventure of discovery.

We’ll unravel the threads of intriguing Trivia that paint the vibrant picture of life on these delightful islands!

History Questions

1. What author did France exile to Guernsey for publicly criticizing Napoleon III’s choice to overthrow the country’s democratic system of government? 

a) Gustave Flaubert

b) Victor Hugo

c) Albert Camus

2. What island is recognized as the last feudal state in the world, that is, until 2008, when it transitioned to a full democracy?

a) Sark

b) Herm

c) Jethou

3. During WWII, the Channel Islands were the only British soil captured by whom?

a) Italy

b) USA

c) Germany

4. What island did Nazi Germany occupy and use for concentration camps between 1941 and 1945?

a) Herm

b) Alderney

c) Jersey

5. What Channel Island contains the world’s smallest prison with just one cell and most typically imprisons drunk tourists?

a) Jersey

b) Guernsey

c) Sark

6. What ancient Romance language was spoken on the Channel Islands until the arrival of English-speaking immigrants from the British mainland?

a) Lombard

b) Norman

c) Occitan

7. What English monarch granted a Jersey supporter the right to land in the American colonies in 1664, later resulting in the state of New Jersey?

a) William IV

b) George III

c) Charles II

8. The Channel Islands have been the last remaining part of the former Duchy of Normandy to remain under the rule of the British monarch. What power does the title of Duke of Normandy have now?

a) Authoritarian

b) Democratic

c) Honorary

9. Liberation Day marks the end of the islands’ occupation by Nazi Germany. On what day is it celebrated?

a) 18th Feb

b) 09th May

c) 01st Jun

10. Located in Jersey, La Hougue Bie is one of the oldest buildings in the world. It was once used as a sacred space for rituals and ceremonies and dates back to 4000-3500 BC, also known as what period?

a) Paleolithic

b) Neolithic

c) Victorian

Geography Questions

11. What body of water are the Channel Islands located in?

a) The English Channel

b) The North Sea

c) The Bay of Biscay

12. Located in the English Channel, what country are the Channel Islands closest to?

a) France

b) Spain

c) The United Kingdom

13. What are the two most populated islands of the Channel Islands?

a) Jersey and Alderney

b) St. Peter Port and Guernsey

c) Jersey and Guernsey

14. Islands such as Burhou, the Écréhous, and the Minquiers have been designated as Ramsar sites or internationally recognized sites that focus on the conservation of what type of ecosystem?

a) Wetlands

b) River

c) Urban

15. In 1673, the States of Jersey passed an Act forbidding planting any new orchards as the government was concerned that too much land was being used for orchards at the expense of what two other essential crops?

a) Tomatoes and potatoes

b) Corn and potatoes

c) Beets and flax

16. What dairy cow breed originating in the Channel Islands produces delicious buttery milk, is bred worldwide, and is the second most widely bred cattle species?

a) Jersey Cow

b) Brittany Cow

c) Guernsey Cow

17. Vraic has been used as a highly valued product on the Channel Islands, where it was dried, burnt, and used as fertilizer. What is vraic?

a) Seaweed

b) Fish bones

c) Egg shells

18. What island is known as the sunniest place in the British Isles, with more than 342 hours of sunlight than anywhere in the mainland UK?

a) Sark

b) Jersey

c) Herm

19. With no cars and light pollution, what island experiences such a dark night sky that the International Dark Sky Association named it the world’s first “dark sky island”?

a) Lihou

b) Sark

c) Herm

20. With rocky terrain, reefs, and islets in its offshore waters, what island is known for its graveyard of shipwrecks?

a) St. Andrew

b) Jersey

c) Alderney

People & Culture Questions

21. The popular romantic historical fiction book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is set during WWI and takes place in what city?

a) St. Andrew

b) St. Peter Port

c) Lore City

22. Since the Ice Age, only one type of amphibian has existed on the island of Jersey. Because of this, Jersey inhabitants are nicknamed “crapauds,” the French word for what?

a) Frogs

b) Toads

c) Salamanders

23. The people of Alderney are called “lapins” due to the island’s massive population of what small mammal?

a) Rabbit

b) Shrew

c) Squirrel

24. Guernsey people are known as “les anes.” Guernsey natives will say the nickname is a reference to their strong character, while Jersey natives will insist that it’s because the Guernsey people are stubborn. What does “les anes” translate to in English?

a) Horse

b) Cat

c) Donkey

25. What famously reclusive British billionaires who own the Telegraph Group bought the Channel Island of Brecqhou?

a) The Barclay Brothers

b) The Hinduja Family

c) The Branson Brothers

26. The Muratti Vase is an annual men’s and women’s competition of what lively activity?

a) Cricket

b) Football

c) Singing

27. Guernsey pouques are a popular mythical creature that lives on the Channel Islands. They are described as tiny, mischievous shapeshifters with orange hair and are most similar to what other fantasy creatures?

a) Dragons

b) Trolls

c) Fairies

28. What activity was so widespread and profitable in the 17th century in Jersey that the island banned men from it during the harvest season?

a) Gambling

b) Knitting

c) Singing

29. Which of the four primary Channel Islands has banned cars from roads, allowing only tractors, bicycles, and horse-drawn vehicles on the roads?

a) Alderney and Jersey

b) Sark and Herm

c) Sark and Jersey

30. What famous historical epic about the French June Rebellion was written at Hauteville House on Guernsey?

a) Les Misérables

b) The Count of Monte Cristo

c) Vanity Fair

And there you have it, dear readers – a whirlwind tour of the British Channel Islands that’s left us all a little wiser and a lot more tickled!

From the vibrant literary history of Guernsey to the idyllic lifestyles in Sark, the Channel Islands show us a rich and varied history. So, the next time you savor a bite of the famous Jersey Royal potatoes or stroll along the dazzling bays of Alderney, know that you’re walking in the footsteps of pirates, pioneers, and dreamers.

These islands are a testament to the power of nature, the resilience of communities, and the wonder of discovery. As you journey on, may the spirit of these islands accompany you – reminding you that every place, no matter how small, carries within it a world of captivating tales.

May your days be as sunny as the shores of Sark and your adventures as wild as a Guernsey cow’s imagination!

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Correct answers

HISTORY ANSWERS: 1b, 2a, 3c, 4b, 5c, 6b, 7c, 8c, 9b, 10b

GEOGRAPHY ANSWERS: 11a, 12a, 13c, 14a, 15b, 16a, 17a, 18b, 19b, 20c

PEOPLE & CULTURE ANSWERS: 21b, 22b, 23a, 24c, 25a, 26b, 27c, 28b, 29b, 30a


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