My favourite beach on Alderney

I might be slightly risking it by ruling this my favourite beach in the WHOLE of Alderney. That is quite the conclusion to make. So, you’ll just have to trust me. Because I can genuinely say that once we settled at this beach the day just trickled away as we lay out in the sun on our sandy towels, jumped into the sea for a quick dip and then enjoyed a lunch with views of this glorious beach.

Let me tell you a bit about Alderney

First thing you need to know about this amazing lovely island is, exactly that. It is lovely. But it is also petite. Alderney is significantly smaller island than Guernsey which makes it the perfect place to get busy exploring all the surrounding coasts and beaches. Because if you really put your mind to it, you can see ALL of Alderney in a few hours.

When we hopped over to Alderney from Guernsey, we were keen to just take it all in. I couldn’t be asked to walk more than the bare minimum. That meaning walking towards lunch or a well-deserved ice cream to fend off the heat. That was all I was willing to do at the moment and my friends were quite happy to join in. Which is how we decided on the beautiful Braye beach. So, let me tell you exactly why it is my favourite. And hopefully when I finish it will become your favourite, too.

Why is Braye beach my favourite beach? 

First things first the view you get from Braye Bay is mesmerizing. I couldn’t avoid looking up from the book I was reading as I lay there on my beach towel. It was hard to look away.

The white sands and calm waters are hard to resist.

And it is located only a few minutes from the town and the harbour. Which is perfect if you are looking to just sit back, relax and have everything you could need close and accessible right there for you. There are public toilets, plenty of lunch options around to pop in,  have a bite and then wander back down to the beach if that’s what you are keen on.

Where to eat at Braye beach?

We decided on this cute pub right on the beach. If a pub on the beach isn’t enough to convince you, well The Moorings is just a five-minute walk from the beach. And it has options for both outdoor and indoor seating.

If you want to stay out of the sun and eat inside rest assured because that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have a stunning view to enjoy. The Moorings has these beautiful tall windows along the side facing the sea so even if you sit inside, you will still be able to look out and catch a glimpse of the stunning coast. Even if you are willing to sacrifice being cooler, outside isn’t too bad because they have big shades you can sit under. Whatever you feel like settling for the view is an uncompromised factor which if you ask me, that’s the most important bit.

We stayed outside along a table right on the edge and ordered a lemonade to keep cool. The best of both worlds, I kept cool and had a gorgeous sea and beach to gawk over.

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