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Hannah Hearne is originally from the Midlands but has been living and working in Jersey for 17 years. She arrived as an on-screen reporter for Channel TV before transitioning to the States of Jersey Police as Head of Communications. Now, she is the owner of Hannah Hearne Social Media Consultancy.

Hannah loves social media and the opportunities that it affords brands, large and small, to speak directly to their customers and clients in the manner they want to.

In our conversation, we asked about Hannah’s transition to the world of social media, secrets to establishing a strong social media presence, and her favorite restaurants in Jersey.

Can you share the story of your transition from journalism to specializing in social media management?

I fell in love with social media when I was working for the police, I saw first hand the impact it could make and the difference it made to a community. I think that is also why I’ve never been afraid of it because the positives for me far outweigh the negatives. Social media management still works with my journalist side as it is essentially all about telling people’s brand stories. Social media gives people the chance to represent themselves however they want and I’m always fascinated by what people do and how they do it.

What social media platforms do you specialize in, and how do you choose the most suitable platforms for a client?

I work primarily with Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, but Instagram is definitely my favourite. We choose platforms based on who the client’s target audience are, it is better to be focused on one or two platforms and do them well, and be reaching the right people, than to spread yourself thinly across all and not be speaking to your ideal client or customer.

What are some common challenges businesses face in managing their social media presence, and how do you address them?

I think confidence and consistency are the two most difficult elements for most businesses, small and large. People often worry about what others think and whether they are getting it wrong which effects the consistency of their posting. My job is to remind them how amazing their business is, how interesting it is to the customer or client and show them all of the great content they can be posting to reach the right people.

Hannah Hearne Social Media Specialist

Photo credti: Hannah Hearne

What would you consider the top three fundamental guidelines for establishing a strong and effective social media presence?

Be yourself – whether that be your brand or you personally, establish your brand voice and be true to who you are.

Be confident – remember you know your stuff and you are doing great things.

Be social – chat to people on social media and engage with them, it’s a two-way street so if you want people to be interested in you and your business you need to talk the time to communicate with them.

How do you see the role of social media evolving in the business landscape?

Social media is changing all the time, and it is getting harder to get interaction so that consistency and a strong brand is vital. Businesses need to evolve with social media, and they need to adapt their strategies to stay ahead, what works today didn’t work 5 years ago as the landscape is changing all the time. We are in a time of more private social media so metrics and content have to adapt to the audience.

What does your typical working day look like?

No two days look the same really, some days I will be visiting clients, others creating content and scheduling and some in training sessions. But I love that variety and working for myself.

In your perspective, what trends or changes do you anticipate in the future of social media?

AI is going to have a huge impact on social media, and potentially could make engagement even harder. Already we have to question what is genuine and what is created by AI, however, we can’t hide from it, it is happening, so we need adapt and utilise this amazing technology to help support our businesses.

What do you enjoy most about living in Jersey?

I grew up 200 miles from the sea in the Midlands, so I always feel like I am on holiday here! We are incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful location and I just love seeing the sea everyday!

What are your favorite activities or hobbies in Jersey?

Anything involving the sea, jumping over the waves reminds me of being a kid and I just love it!

Do you have any favorite local dishes or restaurants you’d recommend?

Now this could be a long list as we are so spoilt in Jersey.

Beach restaurant – El Tico
Pub food – Staks at La Pulente
Cafe –Locke’s / The Old Barn
Fancy food – Atlantic Hotel / Petchi

If you or your business need assistance with social media management, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hannah. Additionally, she is offering two upcoming courses: a Reels Masterclass and a Face Your Social Media Course. Details for both are available on her website,