A lovely hike with a view of Alderney's Gannets
Nothing is better than planning a lovely walk along the coast. The perfect excuse to breathe in the fresh air, get moving and bask in the astonishing views of the island. When we started planning out our route we discovered the rock of Les Etacs, just off the coast.

It is this beautiful rock formation no more than 100 metres from the coast. Even more impressive is that from mid-February to September Les Etacs is home to a colony of more than 6,000 pairs of gannets.

You can witness this captivating white seabird with a bright yellow head and distinctive black wingtips diving and flying around and into the sea. It is truly remarkable.

To witness this impressive scene of nature as you breathe in the fresh sea breeze is something definitely worth doing during your time spent in Alderney.

There are various cliff paths and trails you can take – depending on how much of a walk you are up for. But once you arrive at Les Etacs you’ll find a telescope and a bench so you can take in the mesmerizing view of this natural phenomenon.

If you are staying or visiting Alderney this is simply something you cannot miss. Make a day out of it. Pack some snacks, start your walk and make your way to Les Etacs.

Then you can wander down to a beach and go for a swim and make your way back towards Fort Clonque or a bit further down towards Fort Tourgis, where you are able to view this abandoned Fort from the outside.

Remember to bring comfortable shoes and plenty of water!

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