8 essential attributes for remote work

Although many people were thrust into remote work overnight, some people have shone brightly in their new role, while others have struggled.

Despite what the future of work holds for everyone, a blended remote environment or even full-time remote may be on the horizon for the majority.

Whether you are reading this because you are the one making the decisions on who needs to move to remote work, or you are considering the move – we are going to discuss some common characteristics that are a good grounding for succeeding in this type of work style.

Attributes for Remote Work

1.  Great Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are one of the critical characteristics of a successful remote worker. This skill allows people to stay in touch with colleagues through various communication channels. These people demonstrate intentional communication that is clear, well-structured and prioritises critical information.

2.  Assertiveness

Assertive people find the right balance in their communication. They know when to ask questions and when to seek clarification without coming across as rude. There is a strong sense of self and they are not afraid to ask for help. They do not see this as a sign of weakness but an opportunity to deliver the needed results.

3.  Self-Starter

Being motivated while working from home is critical for getting work done…let alone getting up and changed out of your PJs. You access this by discovering and nurturing personal underlying work motivators and mastering prioritisation of work responsibilities.

4.  Responsible

This quality is about the ability to get things done without being micromanaged. A remote worker needs to have a firm grasp on role-specific goals and objectives and a sense of ownership of their work.

5.  Disciplined

One of the definite perks of working remotely is being able to set your own schedule. But for some, this is a recipe for disaster. Successful remote workers can properly manage their time and prioritise work and deadlines, so their boundaries don’t get blurred with their home life.

6.  Collaborative

A remote worker needs to be able to do the work that builds on the efforts of their colleagues, even if the team is in several different time zones. These people must be able to work with others and master the art of asynchronous and synchronous communication. Along with this, they need to understand what is being worked on and how to complement the work of their teammates. These people are able to build relationships virtually, just like they would in a traditional office.

7.  Resourceful

Remote employees don’t always have access to all the amenities and working relationships in a central office. This means, successful remote employees will ask the right questions to their network to overcome challenges. They are resourceful and find solutions to problems immediately. These are also the people who initiate their professional development to improve their skills because they believe in what they do.

8.  Adaptable

A successful remote employee will be able to adapt and change, not only their work environment, but also how they approach their work. They have a learning mindset that allows them to be flexible to shifting and challenging circumstances without throwing them off centre.

Some people are not cut out for working remotely, particularly for long periods of time.

If you are the one that is making the remote work decisions, evaluate your current workers and potential candidates. If you actively recruit people with these characteristics, you will be able to build a great remote working team that gets the job done.

If you are considering working remotely, ponder your strengths and weaknesses of these attributes and build upon them to unleash an abundance of remarkable remote work opportunities.

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