5 Reasons to Visit Guernsey in Winter
You will fall in love with Guernsey if you visit it in the winter because it offers a delightful experience that reveals the island’s more tranquil side.

Here are the 5 reasons to visit Guernsey in winter:

1. Cozy Christmas Celebrations

People of all ages and backgrounds will find Guernsey’s Christmas celebrations to be a magical experience!

So, if you’re visiting Guernsey in the winter, don’t forget to check out St. Peter Port, the island’s capital, fully decorated with stunning Christmas lights and trees!

Even Guernsey’s famous attractions, such Candie Gardens and Castle Cornet, are full of eye-catching illuminations throughout the winter.

That is why both locals and visitors save their evenings for leisurely strolls in the St. Peter’s Port.

In terms of winter events, the legendary “Polar Bear Swim” takes place on Christmas Day; that is when people enjoy a leisurely swim in the La Vallette Bathing Pools!

The “Boxing Day Swim” is another popular event.

What happens is many fearless souls in Guernsey swim in the chilly waters of Cobo Bay for fun! The Boxing Day Swim usually takes place the day after Christmas and begins this year at 11 a.m.

Castle Cornet in Guernsey

Castle Cornet in Guernsey

2. Shopping at Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets in Guernsey are not to be missed during the winter.

The most popular one can be found on the St. Peter Port Market Square, with many stalls selling homemade products, regional delicacies, and seasonal ornaments.

Smaller-scale Christmas markets are often held at various community centers and halls throughout the island.

Our local artists’ talents are best displayed at these events, so they also offer an inviting atmosphere to handmade presents for your loved ones.

Candie Gardens, a historical garden and museum complex in St. Peter Port, will also have Christmas festivities and markets on some Sundays in December, so check it out as well!

Some markets include live music, games, and even “Santa Claus is coming to town” events, so you can even enjoy them with your kids!

3. Lively New Year Festivities

New Year’s Eve in Guernsey, like in many other parts of the world, is often celebrated by parties, live entertainment and fireworks displays.

Many restaurants and hotels also arrange extravagant New Year’s Eve dinners to mark the beginning of a new year.

Fireworks displays will be held at several locations throughout Guernsey to celebrate the New Year in style. So, if you’re looking for a good place to see the fireworks, head to St. Peter Port Harbor and its waterfront area.

4. Beautiful Winter Scenery

When compared to the summer months, visiting Guernsey in winter allows for a more peaceful getaway.

However, you should not miss the gorgeous coastline of Guernsey, with its ridged cliffs, sandy beaches, and breathtaking views.

Everyone in Guernsey also enjoys the St. Peter Port Harbor, both during the day and at night. But the best part starts at night; All of the landmarks near the harbor are illuminated, giving your winter walk a magical feel.

L’Ancresse Common is another of the most popular spots for winter walks among both locals and visitors.

You can also go to the Rousse Tower, a historic tower built on the cliffs of Rousse Headland. This is a great spot for taking in panoramic views of the surroundings, and to watch spectacular sunsets.

5. The Guernsey Delights!

I know you did not expect Guernsey’s delights to be on this list! But when you visit Guernsey, you’ll understand why!

First things first, don’t forget to try Gâche, Guernsey’s specialty fruit bread baked with dried fruits, spices, and occasionally served with butter.

Yule logs, mince pies and raisin puddings are also must-try delicious treats during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

You can also try chocolates and truffles, usually available at discounted prices throughout the Christmas season.

The Ben Le Prevost Chocolatier is one of the most popular places for buying chocolates in Guernsey. It offers handcrafted chocolates produced with dark, milk and white chocolate, and many unique flavors like hazelnut, raspberry, ginger, and banoffee pie.

Mulled wine, a heated, spiced wine that is excellent for warming up on a chilly day, is also available at local pubs and restaurants.

Traditional Christmas mince pies

Traditional Christmas mince pies


Guernsey is a true treasure in the Channel Islands and is more appealing during the winter months.

The top five reasons to visit Guernsey in winter—from its beautiful scenery to its festive atmosphere and the culinary delights that warms the visitors’ hearts—offers a well-rounded magical experience.

So, whether you are looking for a romantic holiday, an immersive cultural experience, or a relaxing getaway, Guernsey is ready to welcome you with many winter wonders to explore.

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