Why is St. Helier worth visiting

Jersey’s beautiful waterside capital, St. Helier, is a busy port town with abundant hidden corners to explore and glorious attractions showcasing the island’s rich history.

St. Helier was initially developed as a fishing village in the 13th century and has always been the centre of the island’s community. But now, it is a lively town where English and French customs intertwine and present a variety of world-class museums, spectacular forts, bustling markets, culinary gems and stunning sea views.

Whether you visit the many attractions or stroll the town’s beautiful streets, the unmistakable charm, hospitality and beauty are never-ending. This town has something to capture everyone’s attention.

So why is St. Helier worth visiting?

Find out about history of St. Helier

Plunge into the history of St. Helier and Jersey in the town’s abundance of museums, castles, war tunnels and houses of significance. Learn about the seafaring and pirate heritage of the city at the Maritime Museum.

Climb the battlements and discover the hidden rooms and bunkers of the Elizabeth Castle.

You will be able to lose yourself in Société Jersiaise collection of impressive selection of prints, books and maps related to Jersey history and the natural environment.

Explore the German occupation and WWII history that is scattered throughout the town. Wander through the streets to admire the Georgian and Victorian buildings. Many have been lovingly restored and decorated in period furniture.

Let your senses run wild as you browse the stalls of St. Helier Central and Beresford Markets, a mainstay of the island for over 200 years. Make sure you pick up some fresh local fruit and vegetables and an abundance of souvenirs and hand-crafted goods made on the island.

Enjoy shopping in St. Helier

St. Helier is renowned for its tax-free prices and spectacular shopping experience. The Liberty Wharf Shopping Centre is hard to miss with its breath-taking Victorian architecture. Whether you are in the market for designer goods, high street chain store classics, or independent island boutiques, you will always find something special. Of course, there are many places to recharge and refuel by serving delicious island cuisine within the local vicinity.

Shopping in St. Helier

Shopping in St. Helier

Explore the natural beauty

Take time to stroll along the waterfront promenade, swim in the outdoor pool, or simply sit and soak in the sea views. At low tide, walk across the bay to the castle, or catch the ferry from the harbour.

If you are adventurous, discover the beauty of what lies within the Channel Island waters through a range of dive sessions that run out of St. Helier.

If you prefer to stay on top of the water, spend a day island hopping. There are regular daily boat trips to the islands around St. Helier departing from the marina. Discover the gorgeous beaches of Herm or the wildlife and history of Alderney.

All you have to do is enjoy the glistening water and salty sea air.



Taste the local food

St. Helier’s cuisine is a unique blend of British and French influences. Dine al fresco and take advantage of being in the warmest place in the British Isles.

You will find an array of bars and restaurants with outdoor and indoor seating where you can sit back and simply watch the world go by. From seafood shacks and street stalls, and traditional pubs to Michelin-starred restaurants. You will be spoilt for choice.

Enjoy the ease of access

But the best reason to visit is how easy it is to get to St. Helier.

To catch a ferry from southern England or northwestern France is the easiest and cheapest way. And another bonus about St. Helier’s…when you venture beyond the town, you will find it is the gateway to Jersey’s pristine beaches and countryside.

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