What are the must-attend events in Jersey that you shouldn't miss

Jersey is a charming destination that celebrates many seasonal events related to its culture, history, and natural beauty! So, let us take a look at the summer, winter, and spring events in Jersey to coincide with your next visit.

Spring Events

Walking Through Spring Week

The Walking Through Spring Week, which is sponsored by Jersey Water is an event that shouldn’t be missed by nature enthusiasts!

It takes place in April and has a series of guided walks to show its visitors the diverse natural beauty, along with the flora and fauna of Jersey.

You will be covering a variety of landscapes from coastal cliffs to forest walks and woodland areas with the help of experienced guides and locals.

Barclays Jersey Boat Show

The Barclays Jersey Boat Show welcomes its visitors to the world of local sailing heritage, luxurious yachts, innovative sailing equipment, and thrilling water adventures!

It is set to take place from May 4th to May 6th, 2024. As the St. Helier’s Marina serves as the perfect backdrop for the Barclays Jersey, you can enjoy the stunning scenery, and also make your dream come true as a sailing lover with a glimpse of the industry’s best creations.

Summer Events

Jersey Battle of Flowers

Every year, Jersey comes alive with mesmerizing colors, intoxicating fragrances, incredible creations, and a strong sense of community as it hosts the Jersey Battle of Flowers.

Dating far back as 1902, it was originally organized as the first flower parade to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

So yes, the main attraction of the Jersey Battle of Flowers is the two floral parades that find their way through the island’s capital, St. Helier.

The Grand Day Parade kicks off at 4 pm on August 9th 2024, while the Moonlight Parade follows suit the next day, starting at 8:30 pm on August 10th 2024.

Weekenders Festival

Famous for the extravagance of music, arts, and food culture, the Weekenders Festival has become usually the highlight of the Jersey social calendar, as it calls upon people from all over the world.

It takes place on August 31st and September 1st, 2024. From heart-racing pop beats to lively jazz and blues, you will be able to enjoy the music of both local and international artists.

Jersey International Air Display

The Jersey International Air Display has a rich history dating back 63 years, and it offers a thrilling display of aircraft and the incredible skills of the pilots to leave its viewers in awe. It is set to take place on 12th September 2024.

Among the highlights are the renowned Red Arrows, they are a team of aerobatics from the Royal Air Force. Aviation-related exhibits are also available so you can learn more about the history and the innovative aircraft technologies.

Winter Events

La Fête dé Noué (Christmas Festival)

La Fête dé Noué is more than just an event in Jersey, it is where everyone irrespective of their age, culture, and traditions comes together to embrace the magic of Christmas.

It goes on for several weeks starting in late November, with the final day on the 25th of each year!

One of the highlights of La Fête dé Noué is the bustling Christmas market that has vendors selling different kinds of handcrafted gifts, seasonal delights, and other marvels, so it will be easy for you to pick something for your loved ones back home.

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