The job market for an expat in the Channel Islands

Calling all expats! Whatever life choice brought you to the Channel Islands, whether it started as what was meant to be short-term and resulted in you never leaving. Or perhaps it was a long-standing dream of yours. The point is you’ve made it here and are looking for some insight into how to settle into your island life as a newly settled expat.

The most enticing promise of life on one of the beautiful Channel Islands is the life & work balance you can create here. Living on such a small island with a beach and gorgeous scenery can almost force you to wind down once you’ve clocked out.

However, there are some obvious downsides. One is that employability is quite daunting.

Although the islands offer a steady job market, opportunities are limited. Although don’t give up just yet.

Despite the leap to make a life in the Channel Islands being a difficult one.

The growing demand emanating from tourism is only going to keep increasing. And perhaps this can be your golden opportunity.

Whether you are looking to find a job or start your own business, the latter being a promising prospect. There is hope if you are willing to take the plunge.

Thanks to our famous low taxes – that will quite frankly have you in disbelief – it makes setting up a business for expats less of a daunting process.

Of course, there are plenty of administrative processes you will have to begin to set up your business. Luckily, the government website has a step-by-step process to help you check all the necessary boxes. For example for Jersey, you can find it here.

So, perhaps the adventure is only beginning 😊

Whatever avenue you decide to pursue as you embark on a new life in the Channel Islands rest assured that these islands are ready to welcome you home.

While the local and growing economy will be happy to accommodate a new business to meet the growing demand of incoming travellers.

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