Jodie Mercier interview for Virtual Bunch
Jodie Mercier is a photographer born and raised in Guernsey and the founder of Rock Photography. At 30 years old, she is married with a four-year-old son. Jodie absolutely loves being part of people’s memories and capturing images that will last a lifetime.

Specializing in weddings, family, newborn, corporate, boudoir, portraits, and dog photography, Jodie brings passion and expertise to every shoot.

During our conversation, we asked Jodie about her beginnings in photography, her advice for those starting out in the field, and her favorite places in Guernsey to recharge.

Jodie, can you tell us about growing up in Guernsey and how that affected your vision as a photographer?

Guernsey is so so beautiful, I am always looking at and trying out new locations. We are so lucky over here, I think that living here has made me more experimental with some of my sessions, to really take advantage of the scenery here – like getting into the sea!

What waas your first experiences with photography?

Since a young age I’ve always had an interest with photography. A friend of mine at school had a film camera and we’d always be taking photos with it. I also always used to be the friend with the digital camera on events and nights out, I just love to capture memories!

When did you decide to turn your passion into a business, and how smooth was the transition for you?

My business was actually a bit of an accident. My husband bought me my camera for Christmas a few years ago and I started taking photos of my friends’ little ones, then their friends started asking how much I charged and I thought “maybe I should charge a little bit”.  Then it kind of went from there and two years later….here I am!

We are curious to learn more about your photography business. Who are your customers and what services or products do you offer? 

I offer a wide range of sessions so have a very broad client base. My offerings are: weddings, family, newborn, corporate, boudoir, portraits and dogs (I always want to take them home!). I love the variety of all the different sessions I do!

If someone interested in starting a photography business asked for your most important advice, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to go for it, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or what anyone else is doing. We all start somewhere and there is an amazing community of photographers in Guernsey.

What do you appreciate the most about your photography business?

I love that I am able to capture such important memories for my clients, it makes me feel so happy that they have a piece of time captured forever and I love being part of that process.

Photo credit: Jodie Mercier

Photo credit: Jodie Mercier

When you need to relax and recharge in Guernsey, where do you like to go?

I love the sea, going for a dunk in the sea really helps me recharge, my go to place is normally Bathing Pools. I also am a lover of the beach, even in the winter, the sea is just so relaxing! If I want to have a little treat I like to take myself for a treatment at Sacred Roots – the nurturing cocoon is the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had!

What are your favourite places for lunch and coffee in Guernsey?

My all time favourite place is Good Rebel, I regularly go there in the week to do some photography work once I’ve finished my office job and before I get my little one from preschool. Great coffee and amazing carrot cake! I also am a huge fan of Fukku & Hook for lunch – I’m a big sushi fan! And although it’s not sushi, the Chicken Katsu Curry from Fukku is a must try.

Do you have any dream locations you would like to photograph? 

I would LOVE to go back to San Francisco with my camera, that is an amazing city. I’d also love to go for a day or so to London and do loads of street photography, I absolutely love London! Another bucket list would be Iceland, I think that is any photographers dream!

If you’re seeking a photographer to capture life’s precious moments, look no further than Jodie. Visit her website at or follow her on Instagram at and