Victoria Liddell - Cover photo, interview for Virtual Bunch
Victoria Liddell is a jewellery maker who specializes in thoughtfully designed silver and gold handmade pieces. Her creations are elegant, symbolic, and imbued with meaning, drawing inspiration from the natural world, ranging from coastal shores to the enchanting starry night.

Originally from Jersey, Victoria is a mother to two energetic boys. She finds joy in crafting with her hands and is truly in her element when being creative. Her passion lies in working with gemstones and crystals, delving into the unique meanings behind each stone.

Outside of her craft, Victoria loves to travel, take long walks, and spend quality time with her family.

In our conversation, we inquired about Victoria’s design philosophy, her preferred pieces to wear, and the places on the island she holds dear.

Please, can you tell us about your journey as a jewellery designer? How did you develop an interest in this craft, and what led you to pursue it professionally?

I have been making jewellery for 13 years now and forever grateful it’s my full time job, as it started from a hobby.

I went travelling when my partner and I came across an amazing bead shop in New Zealand. I brought a jewellery making kit and made a bead bracelet in the camper van and was hooked.

When we came back to Jersey I continued to learn more about jewellery making while working. My father passed away suddenly and it really made me look at life differently. I decided I wanted to do something that makes me happy.

So I decided to go to the London Jewellery School to do a course. It wasn’t until I had my first born and took a year out that I then started to make jewellery to sell. I’m always learning new skills and most of my skills are self taught like stone setting. It’s such a wonderful feeling that you can make a piece of jewellery that you can wear.

How do you translate the inspiration from the natural world into tangible and meaningful jewellery pieces?

In most of my designs I use birthstones or add hand stamp engraving (using a hammer and metal stamps) which can add a special touch and make a design more personal.

Living on an island I’m always inspired by the natural beauty around me and of course the sea. So I do like to combine the two together in some of my designs like the Starfish necklace which you can personalise with a birthstone.

I love to look deeper into a symbol and it’s meaning. Like my Seahorse pendant, which is a symbol of protection and good luck in many cultures. Its unique appearance and behaviour have inspired many stories and legends over the years and I love sharing its meaning.

Photo credit: Victoria Liddell

Photo credit: Victoria Liddell

What is your design philosophy, especially when it comes to creating symbolic and meaningful jewellery?

My design philosophy revolves around creating pieces that resonate deeply with the wearer, evoking emotions and memories through symbolism and personalization. Each design holds its own meaning and has a story to tell, whether it is a birthstone necklace to mark a special birthday or a ring that symbolises a cherished memory, it is designed to capture the moments in life that are closest to your heart.

What would your response be to the question: “Why should women wear jewellery?”

Jewellery is a way of expressing yourself and your unique style. It can serve as a reminder of cherished memories, represent loved ones, or convey personal values and beliefs. It can often hold sentimental value, making it a treasured possession for years to come.

We are also curious to know which piece of jewellery you consider your go-to daily accessory?

My go-to jewellery is my Birthstone stacking rings, I wear mine every day and also my personalised bangles. My favourite is the 9ct gold bangle with my sons initials on charms and also their birthstones. I change my necklace to suit my mood but often go for North star necklace (which is a symbol of hope, guidance and direction).

Where in Jersey can one find or view your products for purchase?

I have a small selection of jewellery on display at The Trading Point (David Hicks) but most of my personalised and custom jewellery is on my website. I currently don’t have an open studio for the public but I’m always looking for a suitable studio space.

Photo credit: Victoria Liddell

Photo credit: Victoria Liddell

When you need to unwind in Jersey, where do you go? What are your favourite spots on the island?

My favourite place to go is Plemont beach, it’s just so beautiful. I also love to go to St Ouen’s beach. I just love to be near the sea, I find it so calming and it’s often where I find my inspiration for my designs.

Are there upcoming collections or themes that you are excited about and can share a sneak peek?

I have just recently realised my new Milestone Collection. This meaningful collection serves as a beautiful reminder to celebrate life’s milestones and cherish the memories. Each ring symbolizes a significant milestone in your personal story.

Whether it’s a special anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a momentous achievement, these rings capture the essence of precious memories and experiences. I will be adding my Ebb & Flo collection to the website soon. It is inspired by the ever changing waves ‘Just like the ocean, life is a constant ebb and flo’. I’m working on Birthstone hoop earrings that are changeable. So you will be able to buy different gemstone charms for your hoops and change them to suit your mood/outfit, so watch this space.

Victoria also runs jewellery-making workshops, which are lots of fun. They are designed for complete beginners, and you can learn to make your own piece of jewellery to take home with you on the same day. She has been running the classes for three years now, and they have been really popular. You can learn to make a set of silver stacking rings, a bangle, chunky ring, or pendant. If you would like to learn more, you can find all the details on her website: