Exploring the hidden gems of Jersey through history and nature

If you love exploring your destination and learning as much about what it offers, we recommend starting with a few things we know you will love about Jersey. Please, come with us to discover its hidden gems!

1. The Devil’s Hole: A Not So Often Seen Cave

There are many unique and exciting places in Jersey and this small cave is one of them. You can find this on the Northern shore. The collapsed cave can be reached by taking bus # 4, which drops you off at the north coast (last bus stop.)

Once there, find the Bronze Statue overlooking the coastline 😉 and head down.

There is not anything special about this cave per se, but it is fun as it makes whistling sounds whenever the air pressure from the cave sucks in some waves.

You can explore the cave’s mysteries and get the best scenic coastline view. We call that a win, right?

2. The Fairy Garden

Created in 1985 by Reg, this magical fairy garden is self-funded.

You can find many different flower species here, the vines go all around and there are simple yet elegant places to sit down.

Your kids will love it here and let their imaginations soar if you tell them of all the fairies that live underneath all these mystic flower beds.

Reg, does not keep the entry fee and donations go to various charities.

Enjoy the sunshine, the pond, and the amazing fragrances of flowers all around, and hear some interesting stories about Reg’s life on the island.

3. Saint Brelades – Golden Sands and Safe Swim

There are tons of sandy beaches to explore around the 50-or-so-mile coastline in Jersey, so first, we will talk about the shiny golden sands of Saint Brelades Bay. You can come here to spend the day at the beach and stroll around the beach or simply eat at a lot of cafes and restaurants.

What about visiting the Parish Church of Saint Brelades or viewing the Fishermen’s Chapel nearby – you will get to see, two amazing 12th-century medieval architecture designs.

Lighthouse of Saint Brelade, Jersey

Lighthouse of Saint Brelade, Jersey

4. Life Museum Hamptonne Country – A Cultural Gem

You can find many things still intact here on this 15th-century farm. Your kids can see how it was to live on a farmstead and rural life in the mid-1500s.

Enjoy the soothing atmosphere with cattle walking about doing their daily business. Everything here is amazingly preserved, adding tons of charm to your visit 😊

5. Icho Tower – Heavy Fortified Island Protection

Due to its location the island is strategically located as a staging area or how the UK would call it defending the mainland from invaders. There are many fortifications on the island, some even dating back to the Napoleonic Wars.

The tower we are talking about is basically a Martello Tower associated with the French Revolution in the 19th Century, with visible spaces for its muskets — to scare the invaders. Many machicolations have been preserved around the wall of the tower.

We recommend visiting during the low tide as; otherwise, you might get wet 😉

It has much history to offer, a view of some of the initials carved by the original builders is also very noteworthy.

Martello Tower, Jersey

Martello Tower, Jersey

6. The Jersey Zoo – A Wildlife Conservation Center

We have discussed Jersey a few times, as there are tons of wildlife here, initially created and founded by Gerald Durrell, who loved nature and life as a naturalist.

You can find many different species, such as; sloths, apes, Andean bears, etc., but the best are the apes who are descendants of Jambo, the Great Ape.

Jambo became famous and a celebrity worldwide in the 1980s when he saved a child from other primates accidentally falling into the enclosure.

7. Faldouet Dolmen – Neolithic Archaeological Site

Dating back 7,000 years, the Faldouet Dolmen is one of the best-preserved Dolmens for Jersey, though just 5 meters long.

The capstone alone weighs about 24 tons sitting atop a circular-shaped chamber, you walk through a passage lined with stone on both sides.

8. The Sparkling Beach – Experience the Bioluminescence Beach Walk

Due to all the modernisation and construction, you can hardly see luminous green creatures in the modern world.

But in Jersey, for only 21 GBP, you get a guided tour of these amazing creatures lasting up to 90 minutes.

You will see most of these glowing creatures when it is low tide, and they come out to play and are best visited when the moon is not full. Take a nice walk and enjoy the luminous magic 😊

Best Time to Visit Jersey

You can go anytime as we have a mild climate, especially being at the southerly end. But the best time is undoubtedly after June when it is much milder and typically till the end of August when you can enjoy the summer to its fullest.

Enjoy Your Stay at Jersey

These are just a few of the must-visit places you can see here in Jersey, and you need a few days if you want to visit all of them.

The best part is that you can arrive at the start of the weekend, take a 40-minute flight, and stay for a day or two. You can always return for more hidden jewels 😉

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