Haven’t we all dreamed while staring out of our office window, or sitting in horrendous traffic of the life we could be living? You know, the one where you’re sitting on a beach somewhere or hiking a mountain, or taking a siesta after lunch?

But, you can’t just up and leave your current life, right? That’s just crazy. At least, that’s the justification you may start with, before it leads to but what about my job? Well, we can discuss the other parts, but your job, my friend, may no longer be a requirement keeping you in your current situation.

Many jobs now offer remote work possibilities. As long as you have technical requirements met, can meet and communicate effectively, and have a will to make it work, you may find that you can relocate to work remotely to the island of your dreams.

It’s true, you may have some barriers, but most of those can be sorted before relocating. Not sure if it’s quite for you? Here are 5 signs you may be ready to work remotely on an island!

1. Restless in your current space

If you are feeling restless in your current space, it may be time to consider a move, especially if these feelings have been coming up frequently for an extended amount of time. If you have legitimately had the feeling of wanting to try your dream location for a few years now, it may be time to explore that option.

However, it is important to figure out why you want to move, and consider it only for a few options. If you have relocated numerous times in a few years because you just can’t seem to find the perfect spot, you may not necessarily be happier on an island. Do some soul searching and figure out what it is that makes you itch to go try a new place, and evaluate your reasons carefully.

2. You don’t own a lot (or are willing to sell)

If you have a deeply rooted connection to your flat, or the things that surround you, moving to an island may be difficult. Remember, there is limited space, and it usually has to be used efficiently. This means you may not be able to take your antique sewing table, or fine china for a table of eight.

If you do not own a lot of things, or are willing to sell (or alternatively, pay to store it somewhere), it may be a good sign that you can adjust well on an island. Moving a lot of things can be expensive, plus the island climate may not be conducive for your ‘finer things’. However, if you feel you can do away with most of the items surrounding you right now, you may very well be one step closer to ready!

3. You value local economies

Island life is very different from what you may be used to. Yes, there are corporations on islands, however, the local economy is what puts food on the table for many that live there permanently. If you value the local food, culture, and industry, and would love to play a part in supporting those, then moving to an island may be a great way to feed that part of your soul.

You may even have a skill you can offer in a volunteering capacity, or you may really love to connect on an intimate level that can only be done from seeing the same people day after day. If you desire to quickly become friends with the bartender and wave at the local shopkeeper, life on an island may work out well for you.

4. You want to step outside of your comfort zone

There are times when even just visiting a new place for a week or two can be scary, so you can imagine the feelings that can begin to churn when you consider moving there. And then, add working remotely on top of that! If you do not adjust well to change, you will need to think about how much change will be involved in relocating to an island.

However, if the idea of jumping into the deep end of something you’re completely unfamiliar with sounds appealing, your sense of adventure may carry you successfully through your new adventure. There are challenges that islands have, such as connectivity, logistics, and even amenities, but if you’re okay with stepping outside of your comfort zone, you may flourish.

5. You’re ok with unconventional arrangements

Have you ever looked at someone who lives in a tiny house, or their campervan and thought that looks amazing! Well, if you’re open minded towards unconventional arrangements, then moving to an island for remote work may be a great move, after all.

You need to remember that not everyone you tell will be supportive of such a decision, and may try to put it down. While there are many points to consider, if you’re worried about what others think of such a decision, it may be harder to break away from the pack. If you feel confident in the idea of living a little differently than others, quite possibly unlike any way you have before, then embracing the island life for remote work should be an adventure!

View of Fermain Bay, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK

Imagine living on the island of Guernsey

Wondering if you’re ready to move to an island for remote work is not a decision that needs to be made in the time you’ve read this article, however, if your interest is piqued, use this as momentum to dig a little deeper. Who knows, maybe next year at this time, you’ll be slapping on sunscreen after shutting down your computer from a nice day ‘at work.’

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