Best Souvenir Shop In Herm

Honestly, our wandering into this souvenir shop was not planned, it was more of a happy accident. I’ve never been a massive fan of gift shops. The tacky overpriced mugs, obnoxious magnets you end up sticking in a cupboard and forget about them. All filled with awfully touristy things you don’t want but end up buying anyways because the holiday spirit takes control.

But, I have to say this shop surprised me. We had spent most of the day out in Belvoir Beach and after an unfortunate incident that left me with a ripped t-shirt, I caught on the corner of the beach cafe table. We rushed into the shop desperately hoping to find a new t-shirt.

I quickly stumbled in and went straight to find any swimwear & t-shirts they could have. As luck would have it, not only did I find a good and cheap one I also managed to get my hands on a gorgeous beach wrap.

And now with the goods in my hands, a visceral feeling of relief washed over me as I looked around and realised how cute this shop was.

We looked through all the little details, the gifts and postcards. And I was shocked to discover that the prices weren’t ridiculous! We went in intending to leave with one thing. And ended up spending over half an hour there and leaving with a handful of little souvenirs to take back home!

I might have been too quick to dismiss gift shops. And after a successful shop, we wandered over to the next-door pub, which is in itself, a hidden gem. But more on Herm’s best eats later.

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