15 fun facts about Jersey

You may think you know all there is to know about this Channel Island. Once you get started going down this list, you’ll soon find out there is a long list of fun facts about Jersey you didn’t know.

1. French and English street names

A lovely tribute to the rich mix of culture and history this island holds. Just by wandering the streets, you’ll be able to see the influence of a long history of British and French influence.

2. Smaller than Greater London

Jersey is only 5 miles long, which makes it significantly smaller than Greater London.

3. Jersey Royal potatoes

A title reserved for potatoes grown and harvested in Jersey.

4. Home of Bioluminescence

One of nature’s greatest phenomena, and you can witness it right off the shores of Jersey. Ask the locals for information.

5. Karl Marx’s favourite holiday destination

Frankly, can you blame him?

6. The history of surfing on the island

Thanks to a group of South African surfers that arrived in the late 1950s surfing became a local favourite.

7. Jerseys, everyone’s favourite jumper

Ever wonder why jumpers are known by some as jerseys? The origin of that is said to come from Jersey wool used to make them.

8. Low, low, low tide

During low tide, the island nearly doubles in size!

9. Our Queen, our King, our Duke?

Since the Channel Islands are considered a Crown Dependency, they – as the name suggests – depend on the United Kingdom. However, they don’t refer to the British monarch, the late Queen Elizabeth, now King Charles, as the King, rather they reference the monarch as “Our Duke”. The historical origin seems to be tied to the fact that the Channel Islands were under the authority of the Duke of Normandy.

10. Exiled

King Charles II was exiled to Jersey, all things considered, it doesn’t seem like a bad place to be.

11. Jersey gin

Jersey is a big gin importer, so make sure to try their local selection of gins.

12. Black butter!

This is actually not butter. But it’s a Jersey classic so make sure to try this island speciality made with cider.

13. Archaeological sites

Scientists have unearthed some interesting archaeological finds in Jersey. Dating back hundreds of years and giving some interesting insight into the early cavemen.

14. Jersey residents are known as toads

It’s not an offensive term, it simply originates from the fact that there are toads found in Jersey and not in Guernsey. So, the locals were awarded this term of endearment.

15. Ancient remains

Jersey is home to Neolithic dolmen and passage graves dating back to the stone age.

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