How Working in Nature Can Change your Life

With more and more people having the opportunity to work from home, the workplace has never looked more beautiful. Remote work is providing many opportunities to travel and find the perfect spot to enjoy when you aren’t working. If you are doing remote work from your home, you are missing out on countless opportunities to see the world while still earning a paycheck. Remote work allows you to explore and wander as you see fit.

Taking advantage of your newfound freedom can be important for your overall mental health. Working in a new place can make your work better and your overall view of your job more positive. Surrounding yourself with beautiful scenery will increase not only your productivity but the quality of the work that you produce.

Employers that offer you the freedom to travel while remote working, will see very quickly that the work you produce is much better than what was created within the walls of an office. Working in nature has tons of benefits for your health and well being as well as the overall experience you have with your work. Completing your remote work while residing in nature can change your life.

How Can you Work Remotely in Nature?

Working remotely close to nature is a definite possibility in today’s world. In fact, it’s easier now more than ever to be able to do your work from any location on the planet. One of the most common ways to work in nature is to get an RV, camper, or van. These vehicles allow you to travel freely across the country that you live in and provide a place to stay no matter where you decide to park.

Satellite Internet can be equipped in almost any vehicle so you always have access to your work. This option allows you to experience many places and travel freely when you choose. An RV, camper, or van can be a great option if you have an extended time to work from home or if all of your work is remote. These options allow you to find the nature that you enjoy the best, stay there for as long as you want, and move on when you’re finished.

Another option for remote working in nature is co-living. Co-living allows you to move to remote villages or beautiful beaches per set period of time. This method is great if you want to experience the place for a long period of time. Co-living allows you to live in a new area like a local and experience what life is like there regularly. Co-living allows you to live close to nature and in communities that have less noise and distractions.

In addition, you also help the local economy and get to experience the culture of the people who live there. There are co-living opportunities all over the world so you can find the place that you want to work. Co-living is the best way to obtain a genuine experience in a small community with close access to amazing nature.

Get RV or camper

Get an RV or camper

The benefits to your body

Performing your remote work in nature can have several benefits to your physical body. Most places that are close to nature offer a wide variety of physical activities for you to partake in while staying there. Swimming in the ocean, hiking through the jungles, or enjoying the beautiful terrain are all great ways to see the majesty of nature while staying active. Some communities that welcome remote workers also offer community wellness plans where you can stay active in the place that you live.

Living and working in a rural area is also a great way to have access to fresh and delicious foods. Nature offers a wonderful bounty of fruits and vegetables that are often picked from the source when living closer to nature. The diet of someone who lives in a rural area is generally healthier and more well balanced than someone in an urban area. Living in a rural area may also give you access to a variety of foods that you’ve never tried. You may find a new favorite food while exploring the offerings of a rural environment.

One of the biggest detriments to our physical health is stress. When we live in places that are loud and bright our stress levels rise. When we are put into situations that are difficult to deal with, that may cause us to get frustrated or irritated, our stress levels rise. When we are forced to be in working conditions that are not ideal and we’re not allowed to flourish, our stress levels rise.

Finding a remote work location that is far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life allows all of these stress-causing factors to fade away. Time in nature is proven to help us reach a calmer state which reduces the amount of stress-causing hormones that enter our brain. The calm of being in nature takes all exterior stress away so you can focus on what’s important. Stress can cause chronic pain, high blood pressure, headaches, and several different diseases like heart disease. Decreasing the external stress factors in your life can help you live longer and feel healthier. Working in nature can literally save your life.

Enjoy the local fresh produce

Enjoy the local fresh produce

The Benefits to your mind

Experiencing nature daily can help promote a balanced life. Spending more time in nature will reduce your stress which will make you feel calm and relaxed even in the most difficult of times. A calm mind is also far more resistant to negative external factors. This means that your mind will become stronger and more resilient. Working in a place that’s close to nature can have incredible benefits on your overall mental health.

Working in a rural area that has access to nature can help reduce the chance of anxiety and depression. Lower stress levels and increased calm will make you feel more in control of your mental health. You will be able to deal with difficult situations and cope with any possible negative feelings. Those who were close to nature have reported that their jobs bring them way less stress than they did previously. Slowing your life down and making your day-to-day more simple can help your mind take care of itself.

A simple life in a rural area that has access to nature is a great way to reconnect to the earth. Connecting to the earth is a great way to obtain mental clarity and open your senses. Working in nature can give you a great perspective on the earth and all the living things that inhabit it. This, in turn, can make you feel like you have a purpose or place in the vastness of the universe. People who feel connected to the land are often happier and healthier. The external factors that once could ruin your day are non-existent in nature.

Working in nature is a great way to increase your mental clarity. All of the distractions of urban or suburban life are nonexistent in rural areas. Your time is not taken up with activities that bog you down and take time away from the things you truly love. Escaping the noise is a great way to find your inner voice. Working in nature may make you feel more internally motivated to better yourself. Rural communities may help you see what is really important in your life. The simplicity of people living their lives close to nature can be life-changing. Experiencing pure majesty daily can change your priorities and your overall sense of self-worth. People who feel more in-tune with nature are often happier with the world and their place in it.

Many rural areas that offer remote work opportunities are close to amazing communities. These areas are usually small towns or villages that offer a tight-knit community of amazing people. Working near these communities will allow you to meet and connect with people you normally would not get the opportunity to. It allows you to build relationships. It allows you to learn from people you normally would not have the opportunity to talk to.

You can make friends with people who live a completely different life than yours but still have amazing wisdom to share. Being part of one of these communities is a great way to learn about a different culture. Being immersed in their way of life is a great way to truly understand who they are. Remote working in a rural area like this can help you truly see the value of humanity.

The Benefits to your work

Working in a rural environment that is close to nature can really refine your work and bring your productivity to the next level. Working from nature brings a new level of focus to your work. When you feel less distracted it is much easier to perform high-quality work. A quieter atmosphere and contribute do a deeper focus during work time so that you can put 100% into the job that you were doing.

An increased focus will allow you to work faster, better, and more consistently. Being able to wash away all of the external factors that affected your work in the past is a great way to ensure as you focus on the work that’s in front of you. Living in nature while you work is a great way to stay present. Workers who are present show much more resilience to the past and don’t worry about the future. That means that you will produce the best work for the present moment.

Completing your remote work in nature can also add to your creativity. Living in nature while you work allows you to be surrounded by a different environment than you normally work in. This change of scenery can change your outlook on certain situations and provide you with a perspective that you would not have had before.

Working in nature can inspire you to come up with different ideas and think outside of the box. Being close to the earth can inspire new ways of thought that others may not think of in traditional settings. The calmness of nature and increase your clarity. Thoughts can come to you sooner and creative ideas will have room to come to the surface.

Most remote work gives you the freedom to complete tasks when it is ideal for you. Being able to approach work when you are most prepared to complete it is one of the most valuable aspects of remote work. This model will let you enjoy nature around you when it is best to do so and use your inspiration from outside to complete your work. Being able to decide when to do the work can give you agency over the task which will result in an overall superior product.

Working in nature will increase your overall mood. It can make you a much happier person. Having a job that can be done remotely while in nature can make you appreciate your employer. When you appreciate your employer and the opportunities that they provide, you are more willing to put in extra time and effort to reach the desired result.

Enjoying your work because of where you get to complete it can increase your overall happiness. This can give you a sense of accomplishment when you complete tasks for your employer. Workers who feel that they have a purpose in the workplace while still being respected will perform much better work and stay with the company for longer.

Work on your creativity

Work on your creativity

How to choose a place to work

The benefits of working remotely in nature are clear. It can increase your physical health, mental health, and overall productivity. The most difficult part about remote work is choosing where to do it.

When choosing a place to work remotely it is important to take in a few factors. You’ll want to choose a place that you enjoy being. If you’re not a fan of the cold, you probably shouldn’t go to a mountainous location during the fall months. If you do not like sand, spending days on your beach front office may be the wrong choice. Finding the perfect place that you can enjoy for a short time is very important. You want to find a location that you are interested in based on the quality of nature in that area and the accessibility to useful amenities.

Working near nature will usually mean that you will spend time close to small villages or towns. If you’re going to spend a significant time in these communities, it is important to pick one that fits what you want. Make sure that you choose a place where you can communicate with people effectively. You should choose a place where the culture of the people interests you. Also, take into account what foods are eaten there. If you are not a fan of seafood it is probably not the best choice to do your remote work in an Oceanside village. You’ll want to pick a place with cuisine that you would be interested in trying and can enjoy.

You will also want to choose a place that features a living situation that you feel comfortable with. If you choose a location where you’ll have to live in an RV or van, make sure you’re okay with being in confined spaces for a long period of time. These situations may also require you to do more physical labor to keep up good living conditions. Living in a hotel may be a good option but could get expensive if you plan on staying for a long time.

Many ideal places for remote work have opportunities for Co-living. In Co-living you share a living space with other remote workers who want to escape to nature. You usually have your own sleeping area but will share common spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. These spaces usually offer high-speed Internet and quiet comfortable workspaces. Co-living venues can also offer access to food and supplies regularly. They may also have planned activities so you can get the most out of your time in nature. Many of these living arrangements are rented out for months at a time so you can spend the perfect amount of time at your destination.

Overall, you should choose a place that’s going to bring you joy. Working remotely is a great opportunity to perform high-level work that was only previously available in large city centers. You will want to choose a place that maximizes the value of your time. To reap all of the bountiful benefits of remote working from nature you need to choose a place that will really inspire you to create.

Choose a place that will calm your mind and feed your soul. The right place can help you get the most out of your remote work and truly add to the value of your life.

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