Working form an island, Virtual Bunch

Building a team that communicates well it is productive at a high level is hard. It takes time, be well structured work environment, and a phenomenal team culture. In the workplace, employers can build an environment that is perfect for high level teamwork, a place where great work gets produced, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Now imagine trying to build this team culture, when all the employees that make up the creative teams feel unsupported and alone.

As an employee on one of these teams it can be difficult do you feel seen and heard. You may feel less productive from your workspace at home collaborating with others is difficult. Sometimes it feels like remote work is unsustainable and that your production levels lack in quality. So, what can you do to make sure did you get the most out of your remote work experience?

Change your Communication Methods

Employees that have been with the company for a long period of time get comfortable with the way things have always been. If you’ve been with your employer for a long time you may be complacent with traditional communication methods that worked in a physical workspace.

Now that you’re working remotely you may find that your communication with coworkers and management has severely declined. Collaborative work maybe harder and you may be producing at a lower quality than you expect from yourself. The fact of the matter is that traditional workplace communication does not work in remote setting. You cannot translate your traditional communication methods to a remote setting, but you must use communication methods that are perfect for this type of work.

Consider utilising some of the common tools that are available for team communication in a remote setting. Special messaging apps exist to help you communicate with teams in real time in both formal and informal ways. The amount of feedback we get during the day from our coworkers his immense and we must keep in mind but in a virtual setting this does not happen as often. So, we must utilise feedback methods such as polls and surveys to ensure that collaborative projects can get done successfully.

Change your work environment

If you are new to remote work, you may have recently turned your home into your office. Working from home could be convenient, but many people report a lower productivity level when working from inside the house. Now that you have the freedom to work from anywhere consider traveling to interesting places to do your work.

Remote work can be done from anywhere and if your employer allows it you should
take this opportunity to work from the most beautiful locations on the planet.

Working from a new environment can inspire any employee to be creative and productive in new ways. If you’re in a new environment that makes you happy and excited, your remote work will come out the same way.

Happy employees make better contributions to the creative teams because they’re not bogged down with extra emotional stress. Remote work is freeing. Don’t waste your newfound freedom from the physical workplace being trapped in your home.

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