Innovation Born from Necessity – What a Future of Remote Work Can Mean for your Business

Now more than ever, remote work has become a viable option in most industries. Although born from a necessity to keep people safe, remote work has proven time and time again to have many benefits for both employees and employers.

Although many businesses have only considered using remote work recently due to global pandemic, continuing to allow employees to work from home may be the best choice for the future of your business. The antiquated idea of having their employees work in a singular location has proven not to be the best way. As businesses try their best to return to normal, considering a future of remote work may be the best plan to cut down costs and promote creativity and productivity in the workplace.

Many cutting-edge businesses have been allowing workers to do their job remotely for years. The benefits have been clear that working remotely can increase the overall value of each employee. With the global pandemic, remote work has become a novel experience only used to follow regulations and guidelines to keep people safe. However, the incredible benefits of remote work for both your employees and the overall health of your business, make it clear that remote work should be here to stay.

Will the future of business rely on the value of remote work?

The Benefits of Remote Work for your Employees

Happy employees equal Better Business. If you want your employees to do their best work and provide you with the highest quality product that they can, allowing them to work remotely may be your best choice. When employees feel trusted to do their jobs and are allowed to do it wherever they want, they will more often deliver a better piece of work. If you want your employees to reach their full potential and perform at a high level, allowing them to work remotely is the way to go.

People who work remotely are genuinely happier. They tend to enjoy the jobs that they do more and find it more worthwhile doing those jobs. They often feel that their time is valued and that they are trusted professionals when performing their job. Happier employees tend to produce better and more work than those who dislike their jobs. People who are happy with their jobs tend to be intrinsically motivated to go above and beyond while working on projects.

Happier people are more likely to communicate well throughout the entire process of a project. They are also far more likely to attempt new things and innovate. Remote work makes people happier because they have the opportunity to work in an environment that brings them joy. If your employees are in a place where they can enjoy themselves outside of work time, they will be more likely to work harder during the workday.

People who perform their work remotely are likely to be more creative than they were before. Remote work allows people to work in places that are inspiring. Whether they are close to nature or in a new community, remote workers are usually in the process of discovering something new. This process of discovery often inspires their work. Products the remote workers create are oftentimes outside of the box and unique. Remote workers often have a unique perspective when solving problems because they are not confined to the same environment as traditional workers. Their ideas are usually well thought out and different then what is expected. More creative workers will result in a higher quality product. If you’re looking for true innovation in your business, remote workers will help you do that.

Remote work often allows people to be more focused on a specific task during their work time. Flexible schedules can allow employees to take the time they need to think and brainstorm organically and get to work when it best fits them. When you allow workers to work when and how they want, they are usually more focused during work. A deeper focus can result in a much better final product. The clarity that working outside of the office brings, can help workers truly focus on what’s important. When working remotely, the distractions of the office and the hustle and bustle of everyday life fall away, and all your employees have to focus on is their work.

Allowing your employees to work from anywhere will allow them to find the place where they work best. They will find their own accommodations and location where they feel that they do their best work. Remote work allows each individual to differentiate their working environment so that it perfectly fits their needs. When you allow workers to do this, you will often get high levels of work that could never be achieved in an office setting. Remote work literally gives every single one of your employees the individual tools that they need to be successful. And when your employees are successful, your business is successful.

Remote work has also been proven to increase the physical and mental health of your employees. Working remotely can directly lower the stress your employees feel. Lower stress can result in a bevy of benefits to your physical health. Those who are less stressed are less likely to experience chronic pain and headaches. Lower stress also decreases your chances for high blood pressure which can result in a lower risk of heart disease. Lower stress can ease symptoms from diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

External stress is also one of the leading causes of depression and anxiety. When you lower a person’s stress, they are far less likely to experience mental health issues. Low-stress levels can result in longer life. Lowering your stress is the best way to improve your overall health and wellness. Low-stress workers will feel much happier and fulfilled when doing their work. Relieving stress strengthens your immune system making it easier for you to fight common illnesses. This means that workers will experience far fewer incidents that keep them from doing work like the common cold or flu.

The Benefits of Remote work for your Business

All of the benefits that remote work offers for employees will directly result in the growth of your business. The quality of the work produced by your employees will be better. They will often be able to meet deadlines faster. Better equipped employees bolster your profits and make your overall output better.

Remote work can also save your business money. Remote workers are often healthier and happier so your company will not have to spend excessive amounts of money paying for insurance premiums or workplace injuries. Your budget can be better used in other areas that will improve your bottom line.

Having the majority of your workers be remote is also a great way to save money on building costs. You may be able to move your business into a smaller location and pay far less to rent or lease office space. Having a small office that handles all the necessary happenings of the day-to-day can save you thousands of dollars a year and increases your overall profits.

Having the majority of your workforce working remotely also means you do not have certain expenses that you would traditionally have. Your budget for office supplies will decrease significantly. You will need to pay for fewer bathroom materials like toilet paper, soap, in paper towels. You will not have expenses for food, coffee, or water coolers. All of the amenities that you pay for in the workspace are unnecessary when the majority of your workers are working from home. This allows you to free up some space in your budget so that you can make the most of what you have.

Another benefit of having your employees work remotely is it the amount of conflict in the workplace will become nearly nonexistent. When workers are not forced to share a space, they are far less likely to have a conflict that can ruin workplace culture. Remote workers have all the space in the world to deal with their conflicts with others. This can also result in far fewer cases a workplace discipline.

Remote work can increase your employee’s ability to communicate. Even though they’re not in person, constant access to messaging apps and video calling services allow creative teams to stay in touch. The work that your teams produce will be better because their communication will not be limited to their time in the workplace. Virtual programs allow us to place importance on communications so that the message is delivered perfectly. In the remote setting, teams can ensure that all communication is always accessible.

Allowing your employees to work from home improves the culture of your workplace. A workplace that allows employees to work from home actively builds a culture of trust. In a culture of trust, employees feel supported. They feel like they’re able to do their best work. Workplaces that have a culture of trust can be sure that the products that are produced by their employees are of the highest quality. Some of the best companies on the globe have a culture of trust. Strong workplace culture can ensure that your employees are giving it their all on every project.

Using remote workers is also a great way to diversify your business. With remote work, you can hire anyone from anywhere as long as they have Internet access. This means that you can secure the best talent from around the world. You’ll also be able to gain a variety of perspectives by hiring people from all different backgrounds. Employees are no longer limited by physical proximity and can be from anywhere. Being able to hire anyone from anywhere will help you gain the best talent that you possibly can to grow your business.

Consider all the benefits remote work brings to your business

Consider all the benefits remote work can bring to your business

Why the Future Business Landscape should be Remote

Remote work is the model of the future. It is an attractive option for many professionals. Remote work allows the freedom to travel and see the world while still earning a paycheck. It allows high-level talent to live in the places that they want to live while still working for high profile companies. It allows employers to offer competitive salaries because the majority of workers will live in low-cost areas and will not need to pay for the high cost of living. Remote work focuses on the skills that workers have so that they can create the best possible product for your business. Remote work allows you to create without the limits of open physical office space.

Remote work is perfect if you’re looking to grow your business. You can grow the number of employees you have in the amount of work you can do without the excessive costs of higher leases for bigger spaces. Remote work keeps your cost per employee down so that you can focus on improving your business. Growing your business is easy if you do not have external expenses and you’re not limited in space and resources.

Remote work is the perfect way to optimize your employees because they create a workspace based on what works best for them. Remote work optimizes productivity by allowing workers to complete their work when they believe they can do it best. Giving your employees the freedom to craft their own workspace and regulate their own hours will pay dividends for years to come. Employees will feel much happier working for your company and will not hesitate to go above and beyond on projects. The majority of employees will be grateful that you allow them such freedom and will rise to the occasion for the most important projects.

How to move in-person work to Remote

The pandemic has shown us that the majority of jobs can be done from home. If a job is mostly done with the use of a computer and the Internet, it is a perfect opportunity for remote work. Meetings, presentations, and creation can all be done from anywhere with the use of a computer and access to the Internet. Physical buildings are not necessary to do the majority of 21st-century work. However, if your business does require access to a specific instrument or tool needed to do the job, it may be best to only go remote for a few days a week.

Moving in-person work to remote work is easy. The first thing to do is to make sure that all of your employees are equipped with proper Internet access and the devices they will need to do their job. You will have to establish what tools will be used for communication. Will your company you zoom, Microsoft Teams, or another communication program that offers both video chatting and text-based communication.

Once you establish your network of communication, it is important to establish your expectations and norms. This will present your employees with the non-negotiables of doing their job remotely. This can include things like minimum work hours or mandatory meeting schedules. Establishing your expectations and norms will make it clear to everyone exactly how they need to behave to be successful. Once you’ve done that, the majority of the work is done. Scheduling a reasonable amount of meetings and contact days will allow you to stay in the loop with all of your remote workers. The details of the schedule are up to you and will depend and what business you are in.

Remote work is a great way to get the most out of your employees. You will increase the overall happiness of the people that work with you. The product that they create will be far more impressive. Your workplace culture will start to establish itself positively. People will feel proud that they work for your company. They will put more effort into all that they do. If you want to grow your company and increase the productivity of your employees in both quantity and quality, moving to remote work is the best thing you can do.

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