5 jobs you can do while working remotely

When someone mentions remote work, the first thing many people think of is a while collar tech job that requires long hours of coding and coffee. And, when it comes to white collar jobs, people also think of large, well connected cities. After all, you must have both if you want to fulfill your dream of remote work, right?

Well, not necessarily so. It’s a very common mistake to set up mental limitations when it comes to pursuing something we really want to do because we are afraid of taking a risk. It’s easy to convince ourselves of barriers before we look further into such a life changing option. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Even if you work a blue collar job, it is quite possible to work remotely in the same field of work. And, when you work remotely, you can work almost anywhere…yep, even on an island! If you have goals of traveling the world, or relocating to an island but still need to work, you can still accomplish that goal, and you don’t even have to work in tech!

High tech jobs aside, this article is going to take a look at 5 jobs that can quite possibly be done whilst working remotely. Let’s dive in!

1. Doctor

Although this seems rather counterintuitive, doctors can absolutely work remotely. Often referred to as ‘telemedicine’, there are sites and clinics that offer virtual appointments with licensed doctors. These can be face-to-face with video apps, or simple phone calls in which the patient describes their symptoms.

Not only can doctors hold appointments virtually, but there are often websites and publications that seek professional opinions. In these cases, doctors can usually supplement their income by weighing in on public forum questions, as long as they can verify their credentials. This is a great option for doctors looking to relocate, but make sure you are licensed in the area to which you are traveling!

2. Teacher

Remember when teachers used to write in chalk on a blackboard? Those days are gone, and so is the requirement to stand in front of a classroom of kids. Whether teaching primary education, secondary, or even university, there are a plethora of options for teachers to work remotely.

Teachers can choose to work with their school’s online programs, or even work for a company that educates children abroad. Either way, education today has changed drastically. As long as you can present your material visually or audibly, you can more than likely arrange to teach abroad.

3. Customer Support

Many companies today are pulling customer support out of stores, and placing them online. Even if you’ve never worked for a particular company before, you can now work remotely while handling customer support cases. As long as you have customer support experience, even if it is on the floor, you can apply to work remotely for customer support.

Also, many of these companies solely rely on email and case management, so there are no requirements for customer-facing interactions. And, the good news, is many of these companies like 24/7 support, so your time zone may be a hot pick for assisting them to meet their goals of ’round the clock’ care.

4. Security Officer /Specialist

I know what you’re thinking: Wait, don’t you have to patrol a building to work in security? Well, no, not exactly. Security has come a long way, as well, and more and more of it is going away from humans walking around with nightsticks. This means security is turning more and more to cameras and other technology based methods, as they strive to be smarter than the average criminal.

This means that certain types of security jobs can be done remotely, as well. These jobs can range from actively monitoring live camera feeds and entry/exit traffic to working with government or businesses in doing background checks and assisting with other remote security needs. And, these jobs usually offer a variety of shifts, which means a more flexible daytime schedule for you!

5. Airline Crew Scheduler

If you have aviation experience, you may be able to consider a job as an airline crew scheduler. Not only do these jobs often pay well, but they also offer flexible shift schedules. You do need experience with understanding flight time limitations, as well as flight operations systems, so this would not be something I would recommend someone try as a career change right off the bat!

The job is as it sounds, and you would be working to make sure crews are used efficiently, and help maintain schedules that meet regulations and requirements. It can indeed be high stress, but if you’re working where you really want to be, you can literally close your laptop, and start to relax!

Working remotely isn’t just for high tech jobs, but it is important to realize they do require tech components. It’s important to ensure you have the technology to support the job you want, but you should definitely think outside of the box when it comes to imagining working remotely in a dream destination!

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